Our FAQs

Here you can find an overview of frequently asked questions about the HANSEKAI Apartments. Didn't find what you were looking for? Then send us a message!

1. Is there a minimum rental period?

No, we do not have a minimum rental period. The notice period for the rental contract is three months.

2. Is there a maximum rental period?

No, there is no maximum rental period. 

3. I would like to rent a room, what's next?

You can find all the details here in our tenant self-assessment.

4. When can I move in?

At the moment the earliest date for moving in is September 1st 2022, for rooms on the ground floor October 1st 2022. Once all construction work has been completed, the date is flexible, depending on when the contract is signed.

5. How is the rent calculated?

The rent is made up of the net cold rent (amount depends on the room category), €20 for the storage room and €50 advance payment for incidental costs.

6. Which additional costs are included?

All costs are included in the advance payment for service charges.

7. What about Schufa/guarantee?  

You can download our "Bürgschaft" form here. We are aware that it takes a few days to check the Schufa. As long as all other documents are complete, this is not a problem. 

8. What about GEZ & GEMA? 

Each WG must register for GEZ independently. GEMA does not apply. 

9. Is there W-LAN? 

W-LAN is available in all flats via a system provider. 

10. Can I reserve a room? 

Due to high demand, we can currently only give you one to two days for consideration. If you need more time, we regret that you will forfeit your guarantee of a particular room and will require you to be flexible in your choice of room. 

11. What about electricity?  

Electricity is included in the service charge pre-payment and is billed based on consumption individually per flat. 

12. Can I wash and dry on site?  

We provide one washing machine per flat. Water and electricity for this will be charged to you via the service charges. In addition, there are tumble dryers that work with coins. 

13. Can we also apply as a group?  

You have already found each other as a group and would like to move into a flat together? Feel free to send us an email directly at bewerbung@hansekai-apartments.de instead of using the application form, so we can check your request individually. 

14. What about security? 

All rooms can be locked individually in addition to the shared flat door. The house has a locking system and each flat has a video bell. 

15. How is the household waste handled?  

There is a common waste room in the basement for the entire house. The bins are placed on the street by a caretaker service for emptying.